MALTA: actors (m/f) 18-99, English spkrs, for TV Talent Show [P]

ref # 229803

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: Rolling
production type: television
pay: paid

looking for: actors
based in/around: Malta

about the project

Applications now open for season 2 of the TV Show ROLLING. 

ROLLING is an exciting Talent Show focusing exclusively on ACTING. Airing prime time on TVM, this exciting new program explores the art of acting in a vivacious and fun competition where participants get to work together in a variety of acting styles and genres… Drama, Comedy, Shakespeare and the classics, contemporary local and international as well as improv… ROLLING has a bit of everything making it one hell of a challenge, loads of fun and most importantly a fantastic place to learn, grow and make meaningful, long lasting friendships. 

The overall competition winner will get the chance to win a €10,000 cash prize.

To participate in this one of a kind adventure, you will need to definitely be available on all the below dates and times:

1) Selection Day: Sunday 29th October from 9.00 am to 18.00. 2) Filmed Rehearsals day 1: Saturday 11th November from 9.00 am to 18.00.
3) Filmed Rehearsals day 2: Sunday 12th November from 9.00 am to 18.00.
4) Filming Day 1: Wednesday 6th December from 8.00 am to 19.00
5) Filming Day 2: Thursday 7th December from 8.00 am to 19.00
6) Filming Day 3: Friday 8th December (Public Holiday) from 8.00 am to 19.00
WEEKEND BREAK ( this to be used for rehearsals. Please make yourselves available for yourselves and your team)
7) Filming Day 4: Monday 11th December from 8.00 am to 14.00
8) Filming day 5: Tuesday 12th December from 17.00 to 22.00 Wrap Party Starts after 22.00 ? (eve of a public holiday)

In addition to the dates above you will be encouraged to rehearse with your teams on other dates. More information forthcoming. We are looking for 24 actors which means places are very limited so if you want a shot at this kindly hurry!

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 18 - 99
role languages: English
m/f actors based in Malta, any ethnicity, age, and background.