GERMANY: actors (m/f) 25-35, specific look, German/English/Hindu spkrs, for film teaser in Berlin [NP]

ref # 249932

closing date: Tuesday, 30th April, 2024 (week 18)

project title: Nachtaktiv
production type: shoot
pay: non-paid

looking for: actors
based in/around: Berlin, Germany

about the project

Together with Good Karma Fiction, we are in development for my debut feature film ’Nachtaktiv’, and are planning to shoot a Teaser which will be used to apply for development funding.

Ideally, we’d like to cast actors who would also play the characters in the feature film, once it goes into production.

Logline: A curious woman travels from Mumbai to Berlin to marry the man her family has chosen for her. They make a deal, so that they can do as they wish, explore Berlin and their own dreams, without disappointing their conservative families. This turns out to be harder than they thought and an unexpected meeting with a free-spirited non binary lover, makes her dip deeper and deeper into her new found freedom, and ultimately, excess. She begins to question everything and is forced to make a choice.

The shoot is planned for mid May 2024, and will consist of two days of improv and two days of shooting on different locations in Berlin.

As this is a no-budget shoot, we can only pay everyone involved once we go into production/film is distributed.


Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 25 - 35
role languages: German
androgynous looking actor in their early thirties (gender irrelevant). Must be German native speaker, with good English skills.

About the character: Eli is a non binary person in their early thirties. A free spirited Berliner, who does not believe in monogamy or labels. They are kind, fun, yet a little bit unpredictable. A yes person, with an attitude to always go "all in", which is both their strength and their greatest weakness. Searching for ways to cope, they sometimes end up pushing the boundaries just a bit too far.
role 2 | actors | male
playing age: 28 - 35
role languages: English/Hindi
role ethnicities: South Asian
ROLE: Ishaan
m, 28-35, speaking English and Hindi

About the character: An Indian man in his early thirties who comes from a good home and has been living in Berlin, doing an internship as a programmer. He is kind, open but not quite as modern and free spirited as he would like to believe.

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