GERMANY: actors (m/f) 18-99 English spkrs, for film in Munich & Vienna [NP]

ref # 180139

closing date: This casting is now closed

production type: feature film
pay: non-paid

looking for:
based in/around: Munich, Germany

about the project

For a low budget feature film (90min) titled  ‘Tethered’ (genre: Horror/Thriller).

Shooting in Munich/Vienna and surrounding areas in Autumn 2022 – 2023

Synopsis: Man makes a pact with the Devil to get revenge. After the vanishing of his family over ten years ago, Trevor driven by obsession desperate to uncover the truth, turns to the supernatural by making a spiritual connection to a malevolent entity to uncover a brutal conspiracy of crime of greed.

No fee but expenses / accommodation covered.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 18 - 99
role languages: English/English-American
Central Characters:

TREVOR Detached from society is haunted by the memory of his missing family and has slowly spiraled into a world of alcohol, depression and is driven by obsession to uncover the truth.

DANNY Seemingly abusing her position as a police detective to support Trevor's obsessive search at a personal level due to the fact that Trevor's missing wife is Danny's younger sister.

LUPPINO Complete Artisan. He's not a strategist but rather an aggressive impulsive opportunist. tough, brutal, fearless, demands respect and loyalty from the criminal organisation he built. Under suspicion for drug trafficking, prostitution and murder however no conviction has ever been served.

TELMO Luppion‘s loyal right hand man. Supports a huge bouncers frame, has been doing Luppion‘s dirty work since the beginning and he knows nothing else. Although he appears to share the same brutal tendencies as Luppino he does show signs of empathy in some situations.

DR. JOHN MANDEL Bizarre reclusive confined to a wheelchair and conceals his physical appearance. Expert in parapsychology, demonology and clairvoyance and has a grotesque debt to pay to the sprit world.

AGRAT MANDEL Very serious, equally as mysterious, and strange as Dr. John Mandel. Always elegantly alternatively dressed. No one knows the exact family relation between Dr. John Mandel and Agrat except that they share the same passion for the supernatural.
role 2 | actors | m/f
playing age: 18 - 99
role languages: English-American/English
Supporting Characters:

THE DEMONIC ENTITY The malevolent powerful supernatural entity that becomes Tethered to Trevor to help him find the answers he seeks and ultimately vengeance. For this part we are looking for visually unusual artists both male and female. Body modifications, tattoos, piercings, excessive muscle development. The driving development of this character will be in someways dictated by who is cast for this part.

SIROS Mysterious representative of the Mandels. Extremely well dressed. educated, cultured and direct. Usually finishes a conversation with a wink.

LEO Luppino‘s skilled driver. Favourite car Midnight Blue 1972 Ford Mustang. Man of few words, laid-back, tattoos, cool retro James Dean type, wares sunglasses indoors and out. When he is not smoking he's eating sushi.

SABINE Trevor‘s friendly neighbor, single mother of one and sympathetic to Trevor’s history. JOSH Sabine‘s excitable and inquisitive six year old boy.

OFFICER JONES Police partner of Danny, enjoys giving advice on any subject to fuel his own ego. CHARLES F. RAMSEY Close to retirement police chief. Very experienced, very confident, never makes mistakes and comes down hard on those that do.

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