EUROPE: actors (m), 18-28, Lithuanian spkrs, for video presentations in Amsterdam [P]

ref # 182142

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: Lithuanian male (18-28) needed to film fun language sketches
production type: shoot
pay: paid

looking for:
based in/around: Europe

about the project

For funny YouTube-style sketches and video presentations for language learners produced by La Ferpection.
La Ferpection is a video production startup that specialises in entertaining language learning videos.
Filming in La Ferpection’s studio in Amsterdam.

Pay: €200 per day + travel + accommodation.

When: 3 days in December. Exact date to be confirmed with you.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | male
playing age: 18 - 28
role languages: Lithuanian
Wanted Lithuanian speaking actor

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