ENGLAND: local actors (m/f) all ages for theatre in Middlesborough

ref # 163365

closing date: This casting is now closed

production type: theatre
pay: contact for details

looking for:
based in/around: Middlesborough, England

about the project



Upstage Lights is proud to announce that auditions are officially open for our showcase of 3 productions:

  • Bunker by Connor Turbitt
  • Adrift by Rachel Feeny-Williams
  • Kerry and June by Jamie Mcleish

1st May (potentially added audition dates)

This amateur production welcomes anyone to come and audition in Billingham, Middlesborough.

Contact us for more information and an audition timeslot.


Remnants of a squad of soldiers serving a Fascist Regime have been ordered to remain in a Bunker and await further orders. As days to to weeks and all sense of time is lost, they begin to turn on each other and loyalties are questioned. When a mysterious prisoner is brought in amongst them tensions rise even further and they most choose between a brutal regime that’s all they’ve ever known and an uncertain future that may be lies spun by a killer.


A group of friends in their early 20s head to the beach for what they think will be a fun day of sun sand and drinks when they happen across an unconscious mystery girl in a washed up boat. Through tensions and mystery, will they discover who this woman is and where she came from or will they be divided?


After the recent divorce June has been through, she decides to rent her apartment out to a young, charismatic woman called Kerry. A story between two generations and an unlikely friendship after a twist that turns their lives upside down. It’s fair to say they both learn a lot from one another. “After all, tomorrow is just another day!”

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 18 - 99
role languages: English
Casting for various characters:


Wyatt Naive and empathetic, he is the most easily lead of the group. (>20) (M)
Kirk: Experienced solider and cynical. Is losing all hope as he slowly drinks himself to death. ( > 20) (M)
Pulcher: Is dedicated to his comrades. He lives by the book with a sarcastic undertone. (>20) (M)
Corporal: A power hungry sycophant. He clings to his rank to retain some sense of control. ( > 28) (M)
Valorie: Ex rebel, tortured by her past she is blunt and hard-hitting. ( > 20) (K)


Mark- Calm, understanding and the go to guy. Best friends with Jake. (20-25) (M)
Peter- Generous, loyal and knows his responsibilities. Katie's protective older brother. (20-25) (M)
Jake- Has no filter, blunt and divides the group through his persona. Naomi's ex. (20-25) (M)
Lisa- Fun loving and caring. Best friends with Naomi. (20-25) (F)
Naomi- Book smart and logical. Best friends with Lisa and Jake's ex. (20-25) (F)
Katie- Young and excitable with a great imagination. Peter's little sister. (18-20, young looking) (F)


Kerry- Free spirit who likes to work hard and play hard and sees life as full of possibilities. Immature but enthusiastic and loyal. (20-25) (F)
June- Unsure of her place in the world following the breakdown of her marriage. Cautious but ready to discover whether life can still have its surprises. (>35) (F)
Rob- Confident, typical young guy with a fondness for someone older than him. (20-25) (M)

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