CZECHIA: actors (m) 20-30 English spkrs, for film [P] – enCAST
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CZECHIA: actors (m) 20-30 English spkrs, for film [P]

ref # 206637

closing date: Wednesday, 29th March, 2023 (week 13)

project title: First Contact
production type: film
pay: paid

looking for actors
based in/around: Czechia

about the project

We are casting for a lead actor for the upcoming FAMU Anticorro shoot called First Contact. The film is about a young UFO chaser who is struggling to establish contact with the outer space – until he does.

The shooting days are April 4-6, and the role is paid.

We are looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | male
playing age: 20 - 30
role languages: English
We are looking for a MALE actor, young adult or mid-20s, with plump, round facial features and good physical comedy skills. Acting experience is necessary, since there is no dialogue in the film and the emotional weight of the story will be carried out through facial expressions and body movement.