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localización: Athens, Grecia
idomas: English, Greek
I was born in Athens, Greece and moved to London to study at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where I continue to live and work steadily as an actor (film, TV, stage) and voiceoever artist (videogames, commercials, corporate videos,etc). I currently split my time between London&Athens.
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Manolis Emmanouel
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Greek (Athenian) neutral accent. I was born and raised in Athens.
Greek accented English. I was born in Greece but have lived in London for more than half of my life.
Trailer for "Peter Rabbit" film. Greek language, native level.
Manolis Emmanouel, edades de los papeles que representas33 to 48, male.
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Deportes:swimming, running/jogging
Bailes:Greek traditional