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localización: Vienna, Austria
I am an Austrian actor living in Vienna. I played in various TV-movies and motion pictures and worked with directors like Oscar-winner Stefan Ruzowitzky, Oscar-nominated Robert Dornhelm or Matthew Weiner. I played both in English speaking and German speaking movies.
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Thomas Nash, edades de los papeles que representas28 to 40, male.

Thomas Nash is a passionate Austrian actor and screenwriter who loves movies. He worked with various international directors like Matthew Weiner on "The Romanoffs", Christoph Schrewe on "Oh Shit!", Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky or Oscar-nominated director Robert Dornhelm. He did the voice over as a German soldier in Terrence Malicks "A Hidden Life". His mothertongue is German and he is fluent in English. He can also speak with Indian accent. Thomas Nash was auditioned and/or cast for films by casting directors like Nancy Bishop, Fritz Fleischhacker, Uwe Bünker, Nicole Schmied, Zsolt Czutak, Eva Roth, Marion Rossmann, Sarah Lee and many others. He has experience in small arms and archery, can rollerscate, iceskate and swim, drive a car and ride a bicycle. He is represented by Vienna-based  agency PeoplebyScreenactors.

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Deportes:swimming, volleyball, skiing, cycling, running/jogging
Otros:stage combat training