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USA: URGENT – actors, 20-30, for film in DC [L]

Casting for 3 final roles in the film, PAPER TRAIL

Roxanne – 25 yo; 5′ 6″ to 5′ 8″; petite frame and youthful look; African-American or Hispanic; would prefer a woman of trans but CISgendered woman are also able to audition. She is strong-willed, confident and independent although a little fragile at times but rarely shows this side to anyone. She knows the sex work won’t be all she is good for. It’s only a means to an end and that’s all she sees it as.

She is a trans-gendered woman working toward completing her transition with sexual reassignment surgery. When she first decided on this life changing ordeal she was cast out from her family. Causing her to become very self sufficient. With limited resources she turned to the street to provide for herself. She ultimately went into the sex profession which proved to be very lucrative but also extremely dangerous.

Jesse – 5′ 7″ to 5′ 9″; 20 to 30 yrs old. African American Male. Androgynous. Comfortable with being male or female. Clean Shaven. Jesse is soft spoken but very vocal. Flamboyant but can turn it off when need be. Able to play both roles seamlessly.

Jesse is the only male under Lisa’s roof to turn tricks. Unlike the woman in the house Jesse has no desire to transition into any type of woman hood permanently. He likes to dress up for is clients. A long time ago he found out that he could make a lot more money pretending to be a woman in the moment than just trying to sell himself as himself. But sometimes his normal complete male stature works too. Jesse often has issues with the woman because they feel he’s double dipping in the client pool.

Candy – 5′ 9″ or taller. 20 to 30 yo. BBW. Full figured. Open to Any Ethnicity. Would prefer a woman of trans but CISgendered woman are also able to audition. Candy is Sassy. Quick witted. Light hearted. Free spirited.

Candy keeps the house in high spirits. The big little sister all the girls need. Sweet but will not hesitate to check anyone that disrespects her. Candy is Lisa personal assistant. A hostess of sorts for the house but honeymoons for the clients by special request when they want a little more cushion for the pushin.

Auditions: 20th Feb in Washington, DC.

Please email for a monologue and any questions thanks so much.

Casting Location(s):Washington DC, USA
Language(s) Needed:
Actor Gender:Male/Female
Playing Age:20 - 30
Payment:Not specified - contact production for details
Closing Date:Fri 19th February, 2016
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