Casting Notice

USA: male actor, 28, for student film MA [L,P]

Looking for:

  • male actor
  • 20-30 years old

Shooting 2 days in mid to late April and 5 days in early May.

Student film; $200 non-union.

Synopsis: Wilson is a 28-year old man who chose to live a seclusive lifestyle. A majority of his time is spent in his apartment, considered to him to be his sanctuary, and which he religiously cleans daily. One day he happens to meet a highly eccentric woman, who shows an unusual amount of interest in Wilson. The two develop a friendship, and he quickly falls in love, forcing him to reconsider the choices he’s made.

Casting Location(s):Boston MA, USA
Language(s) Needed:English
Actor Gender:Male
Playing Age:25 - 30
Closing Date:Tue 23rd February, 2016
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1. Where a language is described as 'MOTHER TONGUE' or 'NATIVE SPEAKER' this is taken to mean that an actor speaking this language, regardless of their origins or nationality, will not be linguistically distinguishable from someone brought up and schooled in this language.
2. Unless otherwise stated, jobs are open to any ethnicity.
3. If the casting says an actor should be resident in a certain location, this means that NO TRAVEL OR ACCOMMODATION will be paid. As per European employment law, any suitable actor can still apply for this role however they will have to be prepared to pay for their own travel and accommodation for this job.
4. In some cases unsuitable candidates may be filtered out as per the production needs.
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