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USA: European speaker for voiceover in CT

Ideally local to Stamford, CT 3 days work The earliest days of the most affluent community in America were filled with deception, turmoil, and bloodshed. ‘Bright Days, Bloody Nights – the dark past of Greenwich CT’ is a documentary film that tells the violent history of the founding of Greenwich, culminating in the massacre of a 700 Indians by a Dutch/British strike force in 1644. The story is narrated on/off camera by Adraien Van Der Donck, chronicler of the very earliest days of New York City (New Amsterdam), in his own words. ADRAEN VAN DER DONCK, late 20’s: early 30’s, educated lawyer, diplomat, and chronicler of the earliest aspects of the New World. Audiences will experience much of the movie through this remarkable individual’s POV. This role includes on-camera and voiceover work. SPEAK WITH EUROPEAN ACCENT (or best imitation) but NOT FRENCH, ITALIAN or ENGLISH. Acceptable accents: DUTCH, GERMAN, SLAVIK, NORWEGIAN, SWEDISH, etc. Send details & sample to:

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