Casting Notice

SWITZERLAND: various actors for feature film

Swiss Made (working title) Feature film: Casting Geneva Swiss-American filmmaker living in New York, is searching for talented Swiss actors / actresses in and around Geneva (Swiss German / Romand / Italian). Basic or advanced English a + CAST: a couple (M/F) in their 20’s: BRAD: young man, swiss-roman, works for Zurich Assurance in Lausanne. Money, money, money that’s all that counts GISELA: Pretty Swiss italian fiancee (early 20’s). Went with Brad to escape her overwhelming family’s italian influence. Artsy. a couple (M/F) in their 30’s HENRIK: Swiss German man. 30’s. Likes order and discipline. Manager for Firmenich PAMELA: Swiss German Woman, 30’s. Administrator of a Museum in Zurich. Strongly opinionated. Modern Values. Passion for history. a couple (M/F) in their 40’s JEAN YVES: Swiss Roman: Laid Back, easy going. Like a door mat for his wife. ANNE-SOPHIE: Swiss Romande: Used to be a synchro Swimmer athlete. Obsessed with order the B&B owners in their 50’s JEAN-CLAUDE: Valaisan. Joker, Rigorous and unique. Runs the B&B. Thinks marriages is between a man and women. MARIANNE: Swiss Romande 50’s. Has been through it all. Hard working, disillusioned by any hope her husband might change one day. Keeps to herself. STEPHY: Young and beautiful 20 something daughter of B&B owners. Wants to see the world and marry a foreigner. ARNOLD: An American is his 30 / 40’s: Artistic / History buff PHILIPPE NICOLIER: A Valaisan Farmer, 30 / 40’s, Solid, Honest, Drinker Synopsis Every year, three Swiss couples from various Swiss regions, wind up in the same Bed and Breakfast Chaletfor their week-end in the Valais. The arrival of an American guy and his clumsy questions, ignites opinions and hidden agendas from the guests, young and old, which forces them to have to navigate through their cultural indifferences over the course of their stay. First feature film from Swiss-American director. Chosen Actors/ Actresses will go through three phases 1: Pre-selection interview via Skype or face to face in a studio or a coffee in Geneva. Unpaid. 2: Audition workshop in Geneva (near the Gare Cornavin). The 10 candidates selected will be part of a improv workshop day. Unpaid. Lunch offered. 3: Final choice of actors for the feature film. Paid. Do NOT apply for this job unless you fit ALL the characteristics. See here on how to apply to this casting notice: Send your details: including 2 photos (max 100kb), your CV and a link to your showreel (required): to the following address: with the subject line of: SWISS FILM + [character name] [i]enCAST is pre-screening these applications; suitable actors will be passed along to the production house who will get in touch directly, if they interested.[/i]

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