Casting Notice

SPAIN: male/female actors, 20-35, Spanish spkrs, for various roles in a paid shoot in Madrid [P]

This is a Casting Call for:

  • male/male/female actors
  • playing age: 20-35
  • based in Madrid, Spain
  • speaking fluent SPANISH
  • good diction and body language

Character profiles:
Bea – female, Spanish, playing age 30. Bea is the hostel manager. She is a nice girl, extroverted, hardworking, funny and dynamic. She takes care of the tenants and cleans the place. She is always in a good mood, acting at the same time as a mom, a psychologist and an intermediary when conflicts arise in the hostel.
Carla – female, Argentinian, playing age 21. Carla is a guest at the hostel. She studies philosophy at University. She is a good student, intellectual and very formal. She is very talkative, too much maybe, and sometimes comes across as a little bit of a “know-it-all”. She works part time as a waitress in a cafeteria.
Tere – female, Spanish, playing age 19.  Tere is one of the guests. She is a business student, although not very keen on studying and very much into parties and fun. Extroverted and frivolous. She likes sleeping a lot and spends little time studying. 
Leo – male, Spanish, playing age 19. He studies Chemistry. Intelligent but shy, withdrawn and with little social skills. Lover of fantasy films, comics, parapsychology and videogames. He is the “geek” of the group. Ungainly and short sighted. Extremely clumsy in domestic tasks.
Hugo – male, Mexican, playing age 20. He is one of the guests. Studies veterinary. Vegan militant, animalist, yoga and healthy life style lover. He has problems, often comical, with the daily running of the hostel, but he has a great relationship with all the other guests.

Production Details:

  • type: a shoot
  • titled: Hostal Babel
  • produced by: Editorial Edinumen
  • payment: paid

For e-learning sitcom in Madrid.

Filming will take place over five days in April (dates to be determined).

The “Hostal Babel” project is a 20-chapter sitcom focused on teaching Spanish to foreign students without prior knowledge of the language.

Please send your application in SPANISH only and include a link to your showreel. Please specify “Sitcom + the role you are applying for” in the subject of your email. 

Casting Location:Madrid, Spain
Closing Date:Wed 14th March, 2018
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1.Where a language is described as "MOTHER TONGUE" or "NATIVE SPEAKER" this is taken to mean that an actor speaking this language, regardless of their origins or nationality, will not be linguistically distinguishable from someone brought up and schooled in this language.
2.Unless otherwise stated, jobs are open to any ethnicity.
3.If the casting says an actor should be resident in a certain location, this means that NO TRAVEL OR ACCOMMODATION will be paid.
4.In some cases unsuitable candidates may be filtered out as per the production needs.
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