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Imacrew Management
a talent agent on enCAST
location: Italy
languages: English, Italian
Imacrew is an international talents management agency founded inin Milan, Italy.
Imacrew Management

Actors department is manage by the agent Paola Pasini.

Born in 86′, Paola was born and lives in Milan, where she attends the faculty of "Expert in Business Linguistics" at the Catholic University after graduating in languages. Since she was a child she has been lucky enough to travel the world and since 2007 she started working in the entertainment and events industry for important companies in the film and video game industry. Her passion for cinema and the American modus operandi led her to found her own agency for artistic representation on an international style in 2013, which became a company in 2017 together with her partner and friend Enrico Fioretti. Thus was born Imacrew.

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