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Jeanette Erath
a pro actor on enCAST
location: Alicante, Spain
languages: English, Spanish
I am an actor, I have done film and theatre work and also short films and videos. I am a specialist in serious drama, from Shakespeare to modern drama. I also enjoy comedy acting. I am a British Citizen with Spanish residency, therefore I can work all over Europe. También hablo español a nivel alto.
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Jeanette Erath Spanish CV
Jeanette Erath English CV
Language Reels
I can do several accents including different American and British accents, including Welsh, Scottish and Irish.
Jeanette Erath, playing ages 42 to 57, female.

I am an experienced actress in both theatre and film, I trained in drama and performing arts. I can play any character from a mother to a police officer. I can play both comedy and drama and have experience in both. I am a presenter on a local YouTube channel and I have interviewed many people, including well-known people. 

I am 5´4" and top UK size 12 trousers UK size 14. 

También hablo español a nivel alto. 

I can ride a motorbike and horses. I´ve also done abseiling.

Documents & Licences
  • EU Residence Card, UK Passport
  • Car Licence
Sports: swimming, snooker/pool