Casting Notice

PORTUGAL: White female actors, 30-40, English/Portuguese spkrs, for a film in Aveiro [P]

This is a Casting Call for:

  • female actors
  • playing age: 30-40
  • ethnicity: White
  • based in/around Aveiro, Portugal
  • speaking native PORTUGUESE and fluent ENGLISH

To work in a kiosk. The main character encounters the kiosk worker while they are buying flip flops and realises that they are actually cousins. There is not much enthusiasm on the cousin’s part to get to know one another.  The acting style is similar to Roy Anderson/Yorgos Lanthimos. A bit like someone who has forgotten to eat all day and is quite limp. Somewhat fake. You will wear your own casual clothes. A feminine top/shirt and loose trousers and sandals.

Production Details:

  • type: a film – absurdist 40 minute short
  • titled: Me With A Bird In My Face
  • payment: €100 – actor must cover own travel expenses
  • 3 hour shoot on 2nd May 2018 at Costa Nova, Aveiro
  • casting via skype 6th April

The film is about a person of mixed heritage (English and Portuguese) and looks at the effects of migration on second generation migrants. The genre is absurdist, slightly arthouse. The bird migrates. Bernadette has had a bird stuck in her face her whole life. It was not her choice to become British, but her mother’s. Now her mother insists she has become too British. At the same time, she will always be half of her mother’s country – Portugal. The country and family connections she has only glimpsed on holidays. Post-Brexit, she finds herself somewhat disconnected to the British soil she was born and raised on, and her Portuguese half shunted. So she goes back to southern Europe to reclaim her Portuguese roots and learn the language she was never taught, recounting her experiences as she travels to her language teacher over Skype.

She bathes in elements of familiarity, the feeling of the smooth mosaic floor beneath her feet, the Portuguese cabbage her grandmother cooked, the smell of a certain washing detergent, and stays with Portuguese hosts as a way to connect and practise her mother’s tongue. Despite her linguistic efforts, she is still viewed as an outsider, an English tourist. The reason behind her alien predicament, not her story to explain, nothing more than an ‘it’s complicated,’ as though her mother’s tongue were actually cut out.

Caught between countries, living an identity that doesn’t feel her own, she moves around uncertain of herself in a muffled flapping apologetic existence. Until that is, she decides to cut herself free of her identity. To cut herself free of the bird. Or, rather, cut the bird free of her.

About the director: I am trained as an animator and have spent the last (almost) decade creative directing and writing the BBC animated series Sarah & Duck which has aired all over the world. Having spent enough time in that genre, and accumulating more than enough new material from what is going on in the world right now, I am side stepping fully from 2D into live action. The film will still have a small animated element. I have also directed a couple of live action music videos (while simultaneously making the animated show), both in which I used the same DOP who will work on this film. The crew is small, but experienced.

Please send your application in ENGLISH only and include a link to your showreel with the subject of your email as Kiosk Cousin.

Casting Location:Aveiro, Portugal
Closing Date:Thu 12th April, 2018
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