PORTUGAL: actors (m) 30-60, English spkrs, for theatre in Lisbon [PS] – enCAST
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PORTUGAL: actors (m) 30-60, English spkrs, for theatre in Lisbon [PS]

ref # 186825

closing date: This casting is now closed

production type: theatre
pay: profit-share

looking for actors
based in/around: Lisbon, Portugal

about the project

JÁ International Theatre is looking for thespian adventurers for its muscular new English language reimagining of Jean-Paul Sartre’s eternally topical classic NO EXIT, directed by Ed Hooks and produced by Suresh Nampuri. 

Synopsis: The play tracks three people who find themselves in an exitless room and who slowly come to grips with the fact that each is both captor and captive, relative to the others. Amidst the staccato beat of palpable sexual tension, creeping existential dread and a desperate hopeless in escaping from their own dark pasts, they begin to realise hell truly is simply other people. 

The production will open at a radical new site – the Museum of Natural History in Lisbon for 9 performances starting Dec. 8 2022.

Auditions take place in the second week of November.

Remuneration: Profit sharing

We are looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 18 - 99
role languages: English/English-American
any age, any ethnicity, a male probably.  No Name, but this is the person that welcomes newcomers to Hell and shows them around.  Excellent sense of humor and as much of a cynic as Garcin.  Literally, the Attendant has seen humanity in all of its many variations.
role 2 | actors | male
playing age: 30 - 60
role languages: English/English-American
GARCIN (CRADEAU in Paul Bowles adaptation) — Male, 30-60, speaking fluent English, ethnicity and country-of-origin flexible.  

GARCIN is worldly, smart and cynical man who was killed by a firing squad.  Even here in Hell, he always keeps an eye out for an attractive, compliant woman.  GARCIN has a lot of “lounge lizard” in him.  Jack Nicholson about twenty years ago would have been terrific casting, as would Yves Montand or Warren Beatty.