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KOREA: foreign female for promo video

I’m looking for a foreign woman for a small role in a startup promotional video. The shoot will be around half a day during the week-end of February 15-16th. In particular I am looking for Caucasians, African Americans, Latinos. You don’t need great acting skills or previous experience but if you do that’s great. The role is of a woman trying to find rest on her building’s rooftop amidst the city’s noise pollution. This is a non paid gig but in exchange for your participation, you will receive a copy of the short film as well as images of yourself in beautiful sunset 4k. Not bad for a reel or to impress your peers 🙂 Snacks will be provided. Transportation costs will be covered. Don’t hesitate to mail me! Gabriel Galand and you can check my directing reel here : Contact:

This casting is now closed.

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