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KOREA: female voice actors

We are looking for a “VOICE ACTRESS” to participate in recording English scripts for a mobile app content! We welcome those who are interested in acting and able to act in English! It’s a great opportunity to let everyone know your acting and voice! We look forward to the active participation of volunteers who possess the passion! Please send us an e-mail as directed below. For further inquiries, please contact us via the e-mail presented below. 1. Overview 1) Subject of Recruitment: Actress – Who is able to ACT and interested in ACTING! (We prefer someone who is passionate over an expert ! Don’t be scared too early!) – Who is proficient in English (Recording in English. Our contents target the English-speaking countries.) 2) Condition – Place: Around Guro-gu in Seoul or self recording. – Recording Date: Negotiable, depending on personal schedule. – Pay: Negotiable. – Plan to start Recording at the beginning of Feb. 2. About the Project 1) Scenario Title – MONSTER (Undecided at this moment) – The story is about characters who fight with the monsters on a ruined earth. – The main characters are Ann (Woman) and Nick (Man). Actress will take on the woman’s role. – With taking the role of a main character, you will also take on the role of the voice for the system and narrations. 2) Sessions – It will consist of 17 Chapters. (for Season 1) – Normally, recording 2 chapters may take 2-3 hours. – We have plans to record Season 2 and Season 3. – After recording Season1. – Season 2 & 3 also consist of 17~20 chapters as well. 3) Samples – Ch01 story1 mp3 link (in Korean) : – Ch01 story3 mp3 link (in Korean) : 3. How to apply 1) Required Documents – A Self-Introduction – Phone Number – Record the following demo script and send it to us as an .mp3 file – Demo script link : 2) E-mail: 3) Application Period: Jan 05th (Monday): Jan 16th (Friday), 2015 * The subject of the e-mail must be “Voice Actress Application_Name” We promise that we will promote your career and portfolios actively! We also plan to keep our relationships with the actors/actresses who participate in the project even once. Don’t miss the chance to inform the global market of your voice! If you have any additional questions, please contact us anytime. Email:

This casting is now closed.

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