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KOREA: actors for tv drama

Note: all applicants must be resident in Korea with valid work permits. We are looking for actors for a few of characters in a TV drama. This is for one of the three main broadcasting companies. The shoot will be in May or Jun and have 16 episodes. 1. Male in his late 30s. White or African American. A boss role in a illegal arms trade crew. Was Delta Force captain in the past. 2. Male in his mid-late 30s. Mixed (a half korean and) or White. Doctor. Tall and good-looking. Must be fluent in English. 3. Male in his 7s-9s. Middle Eastern native. 4. Female in her mid-late 20s. White. Sexy bartender role in a pub where main characters frequently go to. 5. Male in his late 20s-early 30s. White. A Delta Force captain role. Should look fierce. 6. An Operational controller: in his late 30s-early 40s. White. 7. An UN2 member: in his 30s. White. 8. A police Chief: in his late 40s-early 50s. Middle Eastern native. 9. An old woman: Middle Eastern native. Shoot in the fourth episode. 10. Female in her mid-late 20s. Middle Eastern native. Shoot in the fifth episode. 11. Male in his 20s. Middle Eastern native. Role with the bright and cheerful personality. 12. Female in her early 20s. Middle Eastern. Should be fluent in English. If fit for the role, please send your profile including Fullname, Nationality, Birth year, Visa type, Contact number, Height, Weight, Measurement(shirt,pants,shoe) in korean to this email :

This casting is now closed.

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