Casting Notice

ITALY: female actor, 18-25, Italian spkr, for a paid shoot in Piedmont [P]

This is a Casting Call for:

  • female actor for lead role
  • playing age: 18-25
  • based in Piedmont, Italy
  • speaking fluent ITALIAN
  • with proven acting experience
  • comfortable with partial nudity scene

Production Details:

  • type: a shoot
  • titled: “Sofia” 
  • directed by: Alessandro Zoni Berisso
  • payment: paid

Casting on 5 April 2018 in Turin in the afternoon.

For one of 7 teasers by Cinema College students at the Scuola Holden.

The teasers will be shot in the week from 7 to 13 May inclusive (one day per teaser).

Please send your application in ITALIAN only and include a link to your showreel.

Casting Location:Piedmont, Italy
Closing Date:Thu 29th March, 2018
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2.Unless otherwise stated, jobs are open to any ethnicity.
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4.In some cases unsuitable candidates may be filtered out as per the production needs.
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