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ITALY: English spkng actors (Italian & foreign) for feature film

Casting for FLORENZA: an independent feature film, in English with some Italian and Polish in it. An American (via poland) meets a European girl and they spend a day together talking, having cultural conflict, and looking for meaning in their lives. It has some spiritual meaning and both characters change. Mostly shooting outdoors walking and talking and depends on the chemistry and interest of the conversations. Filming in and around Florence, Italy. The film will go to film festivals. ACTORS MUST BE IN ITALY, ideally around FLORENCE: roles are paid. FEMALE [LEAD] Lead female actress, prefer to be taller and from model type of background with a European accent. Will be a lot of dialogue in English and outdoor. Needed for 13 days. Pay is negotiable, but probably around $100 per day + partnership in the movie profit. AGES: 22-35 RICO [SUPPORTING] Supporting day actor. Looking for a muscular, handsome, tall Italian. Few lines in Italian with the Lead Female. Needed for 1 day. Ex-boyfriend of Female. AGES: 27-40 ARTIST [SUPPORTING] Supporting day actor. The Artist has a broken heart and is recovering from a divorce and has run away to Italy to paint while he recovers. He lectures the male and female leads on spirituality, but is also a little crazy. AGES: 35-60 ATTRACTIVE MALE [SUPPORTING] Supporting day actor. Looking for a muscular, handsome, tall male actor who has English. He is charming. Needed between 1-3 days. AGES: 27-40 ATTRACTIVE FEMALE [SUPPORTING] Supporting day actor. She is very attractive, can speak very broken English. Needed between 1-3 days. AGES: 22-30 Send the following details by email: 1) email with your basic details 2) email subject: role (as above) 3) headshot and full bodyshot as attachment 4) your cv as attachment 5) your showreel as a link: showreel MUST contain English dialogue Auditions either through video or live (in May/April). This casting is being pre-screened by enCAST and then forwarded to the production who will get in touch as needed. Email to:

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