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ITALY: English spkng actors for Biennale, Venice

BIENNALE VENEZIA 2015 Dear all, I would like to inform you that we are in search for the actors – readers for the work on Biennale, Venice. I would need UNTIL THURSDAY a small video of you reading the first chapter of the Capital by Karl Marx in ENGLISH for approximately 5 minutes. You can have an accent, that’s not a problem, but your English should be very good and fluent. As you know the Biennale will start on 5th of May and will close on 22nd of November. What is your availability in this period? I would kindly ask you to give us your availability for the period of May-November. Till now the readers for The Capital will probably be chosen already online and the selected candidates will work with the director and artist Isaac Julien when he arrives. I still don’t know the date of his arrival, I will keep you posted on this. Probably, first days of May. Before the opening, you will have rehearsals with the artists and their assistance. They will help you understand better the text and the right pronunciation of certain phrases. They will come between 7th and 12th April, I will confirm you the exact days tomorrow. It will be for sure 2 half days of rehearsals so that you can have time to reflect overnight. Some of you will perform during the opening, some will do it later. They will decide after these rehearsals. The rehearsals will also be payed, I will let you know how much in a few days. As for all the other details regarding the payment, the whole team is working on it and the artist himself will let you know how it will be done. If someone of you have some particular problems or questions, please let us know. As for the other issues: 1. the fee: as some of you may know we are trying to find more fonds in order to pay you more. The situation in these days has improved and we should be able to pay you 25€ net or hopefully 30€ net. I will confirm you the exact amount next week. 2. time schedule: The Capital will be read form 10 a.m. till 12 a.m. Also probably there will be 1 additi hour in the afternoon but that one will not be perform by the same couples from the morning readings. The book will be read: 10-10.30h couple 1; 10.30-11h couple 2; 11-11.30h couple 1; 11.30-12h couple 2 So for you it will be 1 hour and 30 minutes of presence and 1h of effective reading in couple. The payment will be for 2 hours. During the opening there will not be an afternoon reading only in the morning. After which will start with the afternoon readings. 3. your availability: considering the amount of the performances we’ll have in this show and that I’m the only one coordinating everything, I would prefer to have your maximum presence. Which means, I would need of you to understand well your schedule for the next months and let me know in what period you can work. Some of you have sent too detailed list, which for me is really difficult to use. Respond to:

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