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Anton Zwijsen works as a professional camera actor throughout Europe, in five languages. He fluently speaks EN, NL, GE, FR and ES as well as some basic Japanese. Residence in both Spain and The Netherlands. He is specialised in Japanese martial arts and holds an MSc degree.
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British English - good with dialects.
Anton Zwijsen, età sceniche22 a 37, maschio.

Anton Zwijsen is a camera actor, with lots of experience in movies and commercials throughout Europe.

He speaks fluent English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French.

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Current place of residence: Spain and The Netherlands.

Length: 181 cm

Body type: athletic

Eyes: Green/Brown

Unique selling point: specialised in Japanese martial arts

Extra skills: martial arts, guitar, piano, singing, horseback riding, slackline, full split, ...

Formal education: MSc in Physics and Astronomy (University of Ghent, Belgium)

Documenti e Patenti
  • EU/EEA/EFTA Passport
Sport:martial arts
Strumenti musicali:electric guitar, piano/keyboards, acoustic guitar
Altro:stage combat training