Casting Notice

IRELAND: various roles from sketch series

Mind the Gap Films are casting for actors and extras for a series of sketches to be included in a four-part series with Neil Delamere about Irish heroes for RTE 2. This series follows on from the previous, highly successful shows The Only Viking in the Village and There’s Something about Patrick. Shooting will take place in June – 3rd – 7th and 17th – 20th, mostly in or around Dublin. Most roles require half to 1 day’s work. Payment: €50 for half-1 day for single role; €75 for multiple roles. More details can be provided upon application for a specific role. Casting on 16th and 21st of May at our offices 6 Wilton Place, Dublin 2. Please email your interest to Fran McNulty ( with a CV and headshot, specifying which roles you wish to audition for and a time will be arranged. Please do not attend without contacting us first. All sketches have a historical twist, and for that reason we cannot cast anyone with hair dyed unnatural colours/tattoos visible on arms/legs/upper back/neck etc. and any obvious piercings would need to be removed during filming. MALE CASTING Cu Chulainn (Speaking role) Playing Age: 17: 25 Specific requirements: Ability to do a Louth accent; proficient hurler; Description: Attractive, athletic male needed for TWO sketches – one involves playing hurling and beating another team single-handed, the other is a speaking part in a sketch with Cu Chulainn’s future father-in-law Warriors x 6 (Extras) Age: 18 – 40 Specific requirements: Costume roughly size medium; Description: No fighting involved Fergus Sweet Lips (Speaking role) & possible 2nd role as TEACHER in another sketch Age: 35 – 50 Specific requirements: Long haired, bearded man, little bit of a belly preferable; (Ability to do a cockney accent would mean consideration for a second role in another sketch); Description: Fergus Sweet Lips was the poet who accompanied the Fianna and regularly encouraged them during their battles; role involves cheerleading for warriors as they fight. TEACHER sketch involves teaching Cockney rhyming slang to a young Irish noble. Lawyer (Speaking role) Age: 30 – 50 Specific requirements: Trim and neat hair/facial hair etc. Professional lawyer-type; Description: Speaking part in a sketch involving parents signing their son up for the Fianna in a lawyer’s office Lughaidh Ó Cléirigh (Speaking role) Playing Age: 50+ Specific requirements: Grey haired man, somber-looking, to play the role of a monk; Description: Will read from Red Hugh O’Donnell’s biography during a dating show sketch FEMALE CASTING Young Lady #1 & #2 Playing Age: 18 – 30 Specific requirements: Costume size 8 – 12; attractive young woman for sketch involving being chatted up by a Fianna warrior. Mother (Speaking role) Playing Age: 40 – 55 Specific requirements: Costume size 10 – 12 Description: worried mother of a teenager who is being signed up to be a Fianna warrior. Queen Elizabeth (Speaking role) Playing Age: 25: 35 Specific requirements: Long red hair, preferably a high forehead; costume size 10-12; Description: sketch involving plotting with her advisors on how to take over Ireland Older woman x 3 Playing Age: 70+ Specific requirements: Costume size 10 – 14; Description: Three women required for a birthday party sketch that plays on the idea that in Medieval times 30 years old was more like today’s 70. Under 18 CASTING Fionn Mac Cumhaill (MALE) NB: Casting 16th May Age: 16+ with playing age of 14-. Specific requirements: Blond hair, fresh-faced, youthful etc. Description: Salmon of Knowledge sketch; to play the young Fionn Mac Cumhaill Teenage Son (MALE) Age: 16+ with playing age of 15 – 18 Description: signing up to become a member of the Fianna warriors with parents in lawyer’s office.

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