Casting Notice

IRELAND: male/female actors, 21-35, English spkr, for film in Cork [P]

This is a Casting Call for:

  • male/female actors
  • playing age: 21-35
  • based in/around Cork, Ireland
  • speaking fluent ENGLISH


  • Rave Girl- can be 21-30 years old, she is on a night out and starts an argument with the main character at a rave, she is loud and ‘in your face’.
  • Aongus: New age hippy, intense, tall, long hair 25-35. Wears baja hoodies and baggie pants. Not all together a bad person but could be dangerous – he is into dodgy dealings.
  • Fioonal: Aongus’s brother. Similar in character description/look. Intense eyes.
  • Padraig: Aongus & Fioonal’s brother: Similar to brothers- more relaxed, not as intense, doesn’t look as hippyish compare to brothers. Can have short hair.
  • Ger: 25-35, untrustworthy- throws big sessions at his house- takes drugs- can be any build/height

Production Details:

  • type: film
  • titled: The Rollover
  • payment: paid
  • shooting end of September

Synopsis: Alex has gone missing from a party and his older brother Charlie is determined to find him. Reluctant to return to Cork’s rave & party scene, he is left with no choice but to return to his own dark past in order to bring his brother home. Following sources he is led to rural Cork into a new underground rave scene which is now a different beast with a much darker face. The Rollover is in essence a story about family. The rave scene is merely a cold backdrop to a story about a brothers love.

Please send your application in ENGLISH only and include a link to your showreel.

Casting Location:Cork, Ireland
Closing Date:Wed 18th July, 2018
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