Casting Notice

IRELAND: male actors, 18-40, for tv series [L,P]

Looking for:

  • male actors
  • 18-40

Note that you must be experienced and highly capable with screen combat.

Auditions and filming in Ireland.

In your application please give all details of your screen combat experience.

Casting Location(s):Ireland
Language(s) Needed:
Actor Gender:Male
Playing Age:18 - 40
Closing Date:Mon 29th February, 2016
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1. Where a language is described as 'MOTHER TONGUE' or 'NATIVE SPEAKER' this is taken to mean that an actor speaking this language, regardless of their origins or nationality, will not be linguistically distinguishable from someone brought up and schooled in this language.
2. Unless otherwise stated, jobs are open to any ethnicity.
3. If the casting says an actor should be resident in a certain location, this means that NO TRAVEL OR ACCOMMODATION will be paid.
4. In some cases unsuitable candidates may be filtered out as per the production needs.
Finally, if you have any comments on the casting, then please open a ticket and let us know privately.