Casting Notice

IRELAND: actors with AmE accents, 27-38 years

This is an Independent Feature,which will require 4 male actors and 3 female actors. All of which should be able to do a mid-west American accent ages 27-38. This film is an original script which is about a war between two families after one instigates the turmoil after attacking the other families youngest member. L = local IRELAND based actors only! As a possible note, there will be violence in the film and possibly nudity. If you’re not comfortable with that you need not submit yourself for any of the roles. I only want serious candidates who have a love for performing and want to be there. Filming if all goes to plans, will commence in January 2015. There will be some fees paid but it is an Independent film and the budget is not very big, food will be supplied as well as accommodation. As well as IMBD credit and a copy of the film when completed. Shaun:

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