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If you are looking for the perfect actor for your next production, then we can help.

At enCAST you’ll find:

  • experienced, professional, actors from all across Europe
  • actors of many different nationalities & ethnicities
  • actors speaking many different languages

Find the Right Actors for your Project

To help you find the perfect actor, we can help you in 3 different ways.

1. post your casting notice on enCAST

To send a casting notice out right now, post the roles here.

It will go out to actors who match the playing age/gender/location/languages you are looking for.

Anyone who applies will contact you directly and you will be able to deal with them to discuss the project, etc.

Note that we filter the actors so you’ll only hear from actors who are the right age, gender, etc, for the role.

2. search through our actors and contact them yourself

Browse our talent database and find the right actor for your project.

When you find the right actor you can contact them yourself (or we will contact them on your behalf if you prefer).

3. let us find the right actor for you

Just tell us the kind of actors you need and we will send you only the best candidates.

This is how:

  1. we will search our talent database for suitable actors and talk to them directly
  2. we will carefully review each application to make sure the actor is 100% suitable for the role
  3. we will (if required) also get a self-tape off the actor and screen it to make sure they are good for the role
  4. after we have done this, we will send you our shortlist for you to choose from

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

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    Hello. I am a director who is casting for 5 roles for a short film I will make in Berlin. My username is mtalayeh for this website.

    On 2/18/2019 I posted a casting . This is the original one

    I revised and replaced that one on 2/20/19 with 5 different casting posts, one specific for each actor I am looking for. It was more specific and to replace the other posting from 2/18. The Site said it should be up in 24 hours. It has been 72 hours now and my 5 postings from 2/20/19 still not showing. Can you please tell me why the 5 casting notices I put on 2/20/19 still not showing?


    Makan T.

    Jenny @ enCAST
    Jenny @ enCAST

    Sorry to hear that, Makan – let me take a look and I will get back to you later today. Jenny

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