Info for Actor Agencies

If you are an agency representing actors, we can help in several different ways.

individual actors

If they don’t already have a profile on enCAST, your actors can add their profile to enCAST here.

In order to access all areas and apply to castings, your actors will need to subscribe. We offer agencies a special discount price for subscribing several actors together. This allows your actors to subscribe at a reduced price.

For more on this, please contact us and tell us roughly how many actors you’d like to subscribe.

applying to castings

When they are subscribed, your actors can apply to castings in the usual way.

However, we are currently working on a new system so that an Agency can apply to castings on behalf of their actors.

This will allow you to send several possible actors to the same casting and deal with the production yourself.

We will update this page in the future when this new system is fully tested and in place.