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Your On-Set Bag

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Every set is different.

You might find yourself in the middle of a field with nothing but a flimsy tent for shelter, or you might be in a luxurious trailer with incredible catering and superfast 5G.

But wherever you are, you must be prepared for the day on set so after surveying all the actors we know, and from our own extensive experience, this is a list of items we optionally take with us on set to cover any eventuality!

Of course not every time will be needed every time, but if you check off this list the day before you’re due on set, you should be well covered.


the script

the call sheet with all contact numbers for the production, ADs, etc pen & notebook for quick notes

mobile phone + recharge cable/plug/spare battery wallet + money/credit card + passport/id card

full water bottle

facemask and sanitizing hand gel tissues

mints and/or mouth spray

aspirin/ibuprofen/throat lozenges/indigestion pills etc

personal makeup (including mirror, eyedrops, plasters, sanitary products) as needed suitable coat (warm/waterproof, etc in case you’re stuck outside waiting)

thermal underwear for those long night shoots

book (crossword books are good to pass the time) or kindle etc

Useful items as needed

download local map onto phone if it’s off the beaten track bus/train/plane tickets as needed toothpicks/toothbrush/toothpaste

chapstick sun lotion

mosquito spray hat


sunglasses (and other glasses if needed) your house keys

business cards if you have them

thermal underwear for those long, cold, night shoots

Longer periods

If you’re going to be away for a longer time, then these extras might come in handy:


wash bag (incl nail files, clippers, trimmers, deodorants, talc, creams, etc) earplugs


night clothes (tee/shorts/flip-flops)

casual hotel clothes (for breakfast, travelling to set) formal clothes (after wrap party)

plug socket adaptor if needed

laptop + bluetooth speaker + headphones leatherman or at least a bottle opener foreign currency

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