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Vimeo vs YouTube for your Showreels

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When you have a showreel, there are usually just 2 places you can put it online: Vimeo or YouTube.

Both are free to use and both have good privacy options (either hiding, password protecting, or making unlisted videos). But there is one critical difference which can affect actors & their showreels a lot.

So this article explains why you should always use Vimeo instead of YouTube for your showreel.

The problem with YouTube

The biggest problem for showreels when it comes to YouTube is that you cannot replace videos.

Let us explain. 

Suppose you make a showreel and upload it to YouTube; you get the URL and it’s something like

You tell the world the address: your agent, your friends, industry professionals and so on. You use it in your signature in your emails and you link to it on your Facebook page. Everyone is visiting it and watching it.

But then you get an awesome new clip from a major production and you decide to edit your showreel to include this new clip at the very beginning.

You then go to YouTube and upload it. The new address is for your showreel is:

In other words, you have 2 different showreels online now at 2 different addresses. You have to tell everyone your showreel has changed addresses but you’ll find that industry professionals are still going to see your old showreel because that’s the address they have and that’s what appears on Google search when they look for you.

The problem with YouTube is that you cannot redirect videos or replace them; you can only delete them.

Vimeo on the other hand…

But if you have an account with Vimeo this is what happens:

You upload your showreel to:

Again you give this address to everyone you know.

Then later when you edit your showreel to include the new clip you go to Vimeo to add it but instead of uploading your showreel to a completely new address, you have the option to replace your old showreel. This means the address for your showreel does not change.

The new version of your showreel is still at

In fact, you can tweak, change, rearrange, or edit your showreel and upload a new version every single day without having to tell anyone about a new address. When they go to the address they will always see the latest showreel with the latest clips.

Which is why we always recommend Vimeo over YouTube for showreels.

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