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Scams and Staying Safe

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99.9% of castings and auditions are perfectly safe. But very occasionally you might come across a casting or a situation which rings an alarm bell.*

Fortunately it’s very easy to stay safe if you follow a few, very simple, guidelines.

* if you ever see a casting on this site which you are suspicious of, do please report it to us

the production pays you, not the other way around

This means you never give money to the production to take part in it. Nor do you pay to attend an audition. And while we’re on this theme, you don’t pay to get an agent.

For more on who you mustn’t pay, please see this article on common actor scams.

don’t accept payment by cheque

It’s just too risky. To see why, click here.

no nudity at auditions

This is simply a no-no. A first audition shouldn’t contain any intimacy between actors (and especially not between an actor and a director!).

For more on this, and staying safe at auditions in general,click here.

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