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Information we need for Casting Calls

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When you post a Casting Call, you should include the following information. This ensures the casting is added to our site as quickly as possible and the best possible actors will be ready to submit to you.

Note that if some of this information isn’t included, we may get back to you asking for more details.

What you need to include


  • The basic information about the project as per the Add Casting form here (type or project, fee, where you are taking actors from, roles, etc)

Time frame & fees

Although you do not need to specify exactly – as these often change or may not yet be set – you should also include:

  • Approximate dates of the shoot & roughly how long the actors will be needed on set
  • An idea of the fee and if transport, accommodation, catering, per diem, etc is included

About the production.

If this information is sensitive, it can be put in the My Details area of the casting form which is not shown to the public:

  • A link to the website or IMDb page for the project
  • The personal email and details of the CD/director, etc
  • If possible, details of the filmmakers involved (director, CD, etc)

In general we can accept any email address to receive castings, however for some types of casting calls we will need a non-anonymous email address for the casting director. This can be linked to the profile of the CD or included in the My Details area above. (We will use this address for correspondence with the CD.) Casting calls we require this kind of email address include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Projects of an adult nature involving nudity or intimate scenes (see here)
  • Reality shows
  • Projects involving actors under the age of 18
  • etc

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