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How to Post a Casting on enCAST

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When you post a casting notice on enCAST it will be seen by suitable actors who will contact you with their details and submission.

To post a notice:

  1. Login to enCAST
  2. In the menu, go to ADD CASTIING
  3. Complete the form that appears

Note, if you prefer not to create an account to post a casting, you can send us the details directly and we will post the casting on your behalf.

The Casting Form

Most fields are fairly self-explanatory. This help page explains them in detail but if you have any questions, do get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer more advice.

NB Any field with a * red asterisk by it is mandatory and must be completed.


Here you need to add details of the production. Include as much information as you can – this will help attract more professional and serious actors – so include details of pay, approximate shooting times, locations, and so on. It’s also useful to put in the names of people involved such as the director.

In the TAKING SUBMISSIONS FROM field, you need to put where you want your actors from. This can be all over Europe, or several countries, or one country, or a single city or region. Please remember, if you are taking actors from outside the shooting location the production should be responsible for transport/accommodation.

The ROLES tab

You should add as many roles/characters as you need for the production. Again, the fields are self-explanatory.

By default the status is open, which means suitable actors can apply to it. If – before the casting is closed – one of the roles is filled, you can come back and close that particular role so no one else can apply.

To add a new role/character to the list, just click on the ADD NEW ROLE link near the bottom right.


  • If you are after extras you should post a separate casting and select extras in the looking for field (top left) and then specify the role as being for extras in the about the role field
  • The gender field defaults to m/f (i.e. any gender) and we encourage you to explore the idea keeping gender open for as many characters as you can
  • Specifying ethnicity is optional and again we encourage you to explore colour-blind and open-ethnicity casting
  • You can make the playing age for roles as wide as you wish; however we do not allow actors/roles under 16 on the site (see here for more)
  • If the project includes any nudity or intimate scenes for any of the actors, then you must select this option. We will then post a short note advising the actors of this on the casting so that those who are not comfortable with nudity or intimacy do not apply. We also advise you to include details of what nudity/intimacy will be required in the actual description for those role which include this.

NB please see our rules on the type of castings we allow and those which we do not allow; this mostly applies to nudity, offensive language and suchlike


The APPLICATION LANGUAGE is the language you want the actors to write to you in.

The SUBMISSIONS SENT TO is where you want to receive application emails from actors. This email address is not displayed publicly.

The MY DETAILS field is not shown to the public; here you should tell us who you or your production company are so we can get in touch personally if we need to when we check the casting.

The SUBMIT tab

As you go through the casting adding details, the casting title is updated automatically. You can edit this of course to something more appealing to actors if you prefer.

Finally you must click on the confirm button before submitting the casting.

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