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General Safety at Auditions

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As we often say, 99.9% of castings and auditions are perfectly legitimate and safe. In fact, a lot of actors will go through their entire career without experiencing any unwanted attention or advances.

But it does occasionally happen.

If you are ever in a situation where you are concerned about an audition – perhaps something just doesn’t feel right – then here are a some ideas to make sure it all goes well and you are safe.

check the audition details

Find out as much as you can about the people involved. Check IMDB, Facebook. Google them. The more you know, the better! Where is the audition being held? If it’s a recognised location (e.g. an acting school, a casting agency, etc) then that’s usually fine.

But some auditions will take place in a hotel, especially if the production is from out of town or it will take place in another country. Mostly these are in a conference or utility room of the hotel and that’s common practice.

But if you are asked to go to a specific bedroom or suite in the hotel you might want to take a few precautions just in case.

  1. treat it like a blind date: tell a friend where you’re going

  2. take along a friend for support; obviously they won’t be allowed in a the actual room during the audition but a legitimate production won’t mind if they come along and wait outside while you’re in there

Remember, a legitimate production will be happy to explain everything. A dodgy production won’t.

and if something does happen?

And finally, if something happens, first write a detailed account of what happened as soon as you can after the event. Then speak out.

Tell your agent and other actors. Tell the site where you found the casting. Tell us here. And if it’s serious, tell the police.

For information about nudity at auditions, please see here.

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