Emails, Notifications, & Messages

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You want to hear about new castings.

And we occasionally need to send you important messages.

But we understand you don’t want your inbox cluttered with irrelevant emails.

So this page explains exactly what messages you get from us and why, and how to start or stop them!

My Open Castings

To see a list of castings which fit your basic profile, click on CASTINGS > MY OPEN CASTINGS.

Immediate Notifications

When we post a new casting on the site, if it’s suitable and matches your settings (age, gender, location, etc) we’ll send you an email.

If you don’t want to receive these kinds of castings any more, you can simply turn them off.

Or if you want to change the castings you receive, you can refine your settings. For example, if you want to receive only paid jobs instead of all jobs, you can set that. Or if you want to receive castings only for films instead of for theatre, you can change that also.

To change your notification settings, simply go to EDIT YOUR PROFILE – the settings we use here are:

  • on the BASIC INFO tab
    • your gender
    • your ethnicity
    • your playing ages
    • your country
  • on the NOTIFICATIONS tab
    • all the settings here


We send out regular newsletters with useful information for our actors.

If you’d like to subscribe or unsubscribe from these, simply go here: enCAST Newsletters.

Messages from other users

Do you want to receive messages from other users on enCAST?

This might be a simple message from a friend from the outside world who’s also on enCAST, or it might be a casting director here who’d like to get in touch about a job.

By default any verified user can send you a message, but if you’d rather turn this off, then go to EDIT MY PROFILE and click on the PROFILE PRIVACY tab to see who can message you and change it if needed.

You will receive messages in your email inbox; the sender does not see your email address and will only see it if you reply to them.

Messages from admin

Sometimes enCAST admin need to send you an email.

For example, we’ll get in touch when there’s been a problem with one of your casting applications (perhaps it’s missing some important information, etc) or if there’s an issue with your subscription, etc.

And of course we’ll always write back to you when you contact us about something!

Finally, if there’s a very important email we need to send to all users (e.g. about a change in privacy, or a legal notice, a major site change, etc) then we will send an email newsletter to all users; NB these messages cannot be turned off.

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