Actors: How to Get Started on enCAST

As a guest you can see some of the help files here but please join us here for free or log in to access more of the Help pages.

Using enCAST is easy. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Join enCAST
  2. Make a profile
  3. Set your casting preferences
  4. Take a look at suitable casting calls
  5. Submit to jobs

1. Join enCAST

This is free to do.

Just go here and fill in each of the fields (and make sure to accept the Terms & Conditions at the bottom) then click JOIN. 

2. Complete your profile

Once you have joined enCAST you need to complete your profile.

Log in and then click on MY PROFILE > VIEW MY PROFILE > EDIT MY PROFILE.

Fill in the form with your details, your photos, etc., then click the UPDATE PROFILE button. (Remember, Casting Directors we’ll look at your profile so the more information you add, the better).

Click here to briefly see how to complete your profile.

3. Set your casting preferences

You can choose to receive notifications of the best and most suitable casting calls for you. 

Go to MY PROFILE > NOTIFICATIONS and set your preferences (age/location/job type, etc).

Click SEND BY EMAIL and we will send you an email every time a new casting call comes in which is suitable for you.

4. Take a look at suitable casting calls

After you have set your preferences you can go to CASTINGS > MY OPEN CASTINGS.

This will show you all the open castings which match your preferences. 

Browse this list and see if you might be suitable for any of them.

Note: if you don’t see any castings here, or they aren’t quite right for you, then simply go back to MY PROFILE > NOTIFICATIONS and adjust the settings to see more or less or different castings.

5. Submit to jobs

When you find an open casting you’d like to apply for, click on it and you’ll see the roles, etc.

You can then click on the SUBMIT button to apply for the job.

For more about this, see here.

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