Casting Notice

GLOBAL: Italain spkr for voiceover

We are looking for fluent Italian Speaking voice artists for recording the announcements on airlines. Please translate the below English Script into Italian and record the following message as a demo and if accepted, you will be the new voice for one of the biggest airlines in Asia! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a safety announcement. Please ensure all of your hand carried items are placed in an overhead compartment or completely beneath the seat in front of you. The aisle and the area around your feet must be clear. If you need any assistance, please call any member of the crew. The use of mobile phones including phones with a flight mode feature and other mobile electronic equipment is strictly prohibited. For safety reasons, you are required to switch them off now. Please indicate your Name, Nationality, Mobile Number (with International Code), E-Mail Address when you respond to this post with your detailed Bio. Please send files in mp3 format with the following filename [Italian_FirstName_CountryCode_Demo].mp3 E.g. Franco from UK doing an Italian demo would name his format as: Italian_Franco_UK.mp3 Email Address:

This casting is now closed.

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