Casting Notice

GERMANY: Turkish actor for short movie

We are looking for our graduation film “Caldera” an elderly gentleman of Turkish origin in the supporting role of “Ferhat”, the Turkish Grandpa. Age is between 50-70; ideally pipe smoker. Please only applicants from within Berlin, the optically correspond to the desired game age. If you are interested we can send you the script like. The scenes with the “Tuerkichen Grandpa” will take place in front of a Spaeti lasting about 1-2 days of shooting. “Caldera” Synopsis: People only look at their cell phones, have headphones on your ears. The daily interaction is characterized by cold. No one talks more, people go out of the way as best we can. Experience something that is only in the minds instead, with the help of Dreaminc. Dreaminc it, to buy any reason you dream dreams and to take in the form of a tablet to be enabled. After initial skepticism, Tom has (31), the hero of this story, embarked on such an adventure. He chose the dream “Elisa”, a date with his personal dream woman. But when he wants to get to know Elisa closer, he quickly runs into obstacles that seem insurmountable. See here on how to apply to this casting notice: Send your details IN GERMAN: including 2 photos (max 100kb), your CV and a link to your showreel (required): to the following address: Sandra Motwary

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