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GERMANY: supporting roles for English film

Wir sind eine Gruppe von Filmstudenten aus Darmstadt und drehen am 01&02.02 unseren Semesterabschlussfilm. Der ganze Film spielt auf Englisch und soll in 2 Nachtdrehs abgedreht werden. Für einige Nebenrollen sind wir noch auf der Suche nach Schauspieler aus der Region, welche Lust haben diese Rollen zu übernehmen. Da dies ein NoBudget Projekt ist, haben wir leider nur die Möglichkeit euch einen Rückstellungsvertrag anbieten. Für Verpflegung am Set ist gesorgt, Anfahrt kann ebenfalls übernommen werden. Hier sind die entsprechenden Beschreibungen zu den Charakteren: The Publisher (35) The publisher is a man that knows what he owns, knows what he wants and, most importantly, how to get it. He is over the moon with Leonard’s bestselling success and is counting on making Leonard even more famous, which in return will make the publisher more famous as well. He does not really care how people feel, as long as he can get money in his hands. He’s strong minded, loud, untouched by anything human and a lover of gin. That is why he is drunk when leaving the ball. He is wearing a black suit, a long red bird’s beak and his face is painted green. The Young Man (24) The young man that lets Linda fall on the couch is an upcoming theatre actor that is attracted to Linda. He movements are therefore theatrical and calculated. He speaks with confidence and knows to get what he wants. He has heard of Linda being a lover of young men and has decided to take his chances. He has decided to get Linda to go home with him, and he won’t let anybody stop him. He is wearing black pants, a white shirt and black suspenders. The Dancing Couple (24 & 25) The dancing couple is the only dancing couple that is left in the ballroom. It’s not clear if they are actually dancing or if they just move their legs unconsciously in the rhythm of the guitar music, while holding one another tenderly, nearly with love. They are both inexperienced in love, which makes them go the extra mile without thinking what they are doing. They are both very drunk and maybe half asleep, lost in their embrace. They are wearing tights on their heads, similar to what a cliché robber would wear, and two masks on their faces. They are naked: a result of their unstoppable resorting to each other’s arms. Wer mehr Informationen haben möchte schicke ich gerne Drehbuch und Treatment. Gerne könnt ihr mir eine persönliche Nachricht hier auf FB schicken, oder alternativ eine Mail an Ich freue mich schon auf euch! Johannes

This casting is now closed.

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