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GERMANY: Shia Labeouf lookalike for video short

** BERLIN BASED ACTORS ONLY ** I am looking for an actor that looks like Shia Labeouf (from “Transformers”) for a very short but funny sketch for my YouTube channel. What we are going to shoot really happened to me: so it’s a true story 🙂 I don’t think that it is gonna take longer than an hour or two. There is no specific date set yet, so we can talk about it. But I want it to happen sometime soon. I will pay 50€. Oh and what’s very important is that either you’re a native English speaker or your English is just very good. That means no accents! American English please 🙂 If you could send me the link to your demo that would be great! I will check it out and email you back! Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to hearing form you! Best regards, Jen

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