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GERMANY: male/female actor for pilot [L]

For a forthcoming pilot episode we are looking for:

  • Role: Jürgen Drahtseil (Tony Finelli’s Manager)
  • male actor
  • 45-50
  • speaking English with a German accent
  • big personality
  • From Berlin, he is a serial womanizer who has never had a serious relationship. Curses like a truck driver. Has a fixation with America and with Martin Scorsese Films. He met Tony when he was working as Stage Manager for Tony’s “Elvis” Musical. Was contacted in 1997 by an Italian concert promoter for a big concert in Sicily.  It was to have paid 50,000 Deutsch Marks cash and the presenter was  supposedly working for Mr. Big, the Godfather of the Gambaretto (Shrimp) family who was a big fan of Tony’s, and had said so publicly. Jürgen spoke to Tony about it and while they had reservations about the job because of it involving the mob, they agreed to do it.  It turned out the concert promoter was an agent for the german FBI and it was a sting operation trying to get to “Mr. Big” for tax evasion and money laundering. When it came out in the press Jürgen and Tony were visited by “Mr. Big”  who in real life is a midget.  Mr. Big, wants to be Don Corleone from the Godfather but he sounds like Marlon Brando on helium… Mr. Big then promised Tony and Jürgen that if they went to jail the Gambaretto family would look after them when they got out. Stupidly, Tony and Jürgen agreed but when they got out of prison Mr. Big was arrested leaving Tony and Jürgen to fend for themselves. However, while they were in prison Tony and Jürgen starting making plans for Tony’s big comeback. But he is no Colonel Parker and Tony’s been gone from the music scene for 15 years. This is the moment where we meet Tony and Jürgen in “The Finelli’s”


  • Role: Chris(Tina) Finelli (Tony Finelli’s Ex-Wife) 45-50 years old
  • female actor
  • Preferably red-hair or dark haired (no blondes please, or be willing to dye your hair)  170-180 cm tall
  • Speaks English with a Swedish or Scandinavian Accent
  • She is a former model from Stockholm, Sweden. Intelligent. Well-read. Well-educated, but cold as a Swedish Winter. She worked between modelling jobs as an Airline Stewardess for SAS. On one of her “overnights” from Stockholm, Tina, with two other stewardess colleagues went to a “Tony Finelli” (then an up-and-coming singer) at the Quasimodo Bar in Berlin. They were sitting at a table right next to the stage. As soon as Tony and Tina saw each other, they “clicked.” Tony was enamoured with Tina’s beauty and European charm. Tina, while she thought Tony was sexy, also thought his singing was very good and that he would quickly become a big star. She liked the idea of being with an American Artist. He would become quickly famous and she’d become a “Hollywood Trophy Wife.” They married a few months after meeting each other. However, almost from Day One, Tony and Tina fought constantly. His American and her Swedish backgrounds led to numerous misunderstandings, both in language and culture. Tina wanted Tony to “play the star 24 hours a day.” Tony was from a working-class family and had no use for “playing a role.” Six months after their marriage, Tony wanted a divorce, but Tina became pregnant with Lola. Tony stayed to be with his daughter.

Auditions will be in person in Koln, 7th March. Please send your details (including showreel) for more.

Casting Location(s):Germany
Language(s) Needed:
Actor Gender:Male/Female
Playing Age:45 - 50
Payment:Not specified - contact production for details
Closing Date:Tue 23rd February, 2016
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