Casting Notice

GERMANY: male actor, 30-40, for short [NP]

For the short film, Stone, we are looking for:

  • male actor
  • 30-40 years old
  • medium build; athletic type

This is for the role of Michael. In the business of justice, Michael is the lawyer who defends the accused, often the guilty ones. He has a good heart and would do anything for Jade, including as it turns out, give his life in order for her to survive.
Coming from a family of lawyers, Michael did not have the freedom Jade did in choosing his career as if his life was pre-decided for him. In that sense, he sees in Jade everything he felt was missing, a free spirit that chooses to fight against injustice no matter the odds. On the surface Michael looks strong, he works out regularly and is Jade’s knight in shining armour, that is why when we find he cannot withstand the ruthless hitman this will be a twist to what the audience expects (the hero saves the day vs person without military training losing to a professional killer).

Synopsis: a team of scientists probing counterfeit medicines being shipped to Africa; a hitman emerges and starts wiping them all out one by one.

The film will be shot after March 20th in Berlin in English.

If you are interested, kindly send your details and portfolio/showreel with the subject: STONE: Michael

Casting Location(s):Berlin, Germany
Language(s) Needed:English
Actor Gender:Male
Playing Age:30 - 40
As this is non-paid, you can apply for this role whether you are a PRO ACTOR on enCAST or not.
Closing Date:Tue 15th March, 2016
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4. In some cases unsuitable candidates may be filtered out as per the production needs.
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