Casting Notice

GERMANY: male, 20-35, German/English spkr, for short in Berlin

A shortfilm set on the streets in Berlin. Looking for an energetic male actor 20-35. L = local BERLIN based actors only! Knistern is a short film about and a exploration of interaction in the public space. The tendency for people in public is to keep to one’s self and to no “disturb” others. The main character Johan has a different view on this. He sets out to play with the public on the street. His actions create beautiful moments, intimate connections and humor but can also be perceived as invasive and create’s awkward moments of rejection. I’m looking for an actor who is not afraid to act on the streets, likes to spend time on co-creating a character and any experience in Parcour/freerunning could be interesting. Attached you can find a file describing Johan’s character. 2-3 shooting days. I will pay for all costs, but budget doesnt allow a salery. I want to build the character with You, and put my focus here. I speak English, but the shortfilm will be in German. Please contact me for any questions. Here is my company’s website. Allrighty than! Looking forward to hearing from you, Knistern. – Christof Bekedam.

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