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GERMANY: English spkng actors for short

Casting Notice Production Title: NUMB (Short Film) Directed by: Khazienah Dzulham Mail: LOCATION: Berlin Project type: Student Film SHOOT DATES: 18: 19 MAY 2015 I can offer COPY, CREDIT and MEALS. Synopsis: For his deep love for his long term-partner, Matthew is convinced that he’s able to overcome Julia’s Schizophrenia, which subtly is deteriorating their relationship. Characters: JULIA (mid-thirties), a loving, but short-tempered, emotional, Julia is in denial of her schizophrenia and tries to convince her partner that she is fine. MATTHEW (early forties), a well-accomplished psychologist who struggles to take care of the only patient he finds the hardest to handle, his partner Julia. Khazienah Dzulham

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