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GERMANY: English spkng actors for short

I’ve been working as a producer/director/cinematographer steadily for the past several years, and have directed several short films, music videos and TV shows. I am now planning to direct a short film titled “Broken Dreams” that will be shot in Berlin, Germany. The short film is about a homeless woman who recollects her shattered dreams. The short film will be shot in English and German. L = local GERMANY based actors only! Cast List: Speaking Roles: – John Henning [Late 20’s, Early 30s] – Dr. Christoph Smith -[Late 30’s, Early 40’s] – Secretary Jasmine: [Early 20’s] – Roshana Andrews: [Late 20’s, Early 30’s] Non-Speaking Roles: – Homeless Woman – Supermarket Worker – Female Doctor – EMS Workers (2) I am planning to film the project near the end of this month for a week. I am driven, passionate, and dedicated to getting my projects made. I cannot guarantee money, but I can guarantee that if we develop a solid working relationship, or I feel passionate about a certain script I will get it made. If this piques your interest, or you have a project you feel would be a good fit, please apply now. Contact:

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