Casting Notice

GERMANY: English speaking actors

This project is currently untitled and begins filming this weekend 12/6. This a short film in 3 parts that takes place between New York, Berlin, and Istanbul. It follows the story of a struggling craft service employee in the American film industry that attempts to film his cinematic masterpiece in Europe. This film is mostly improv, so that experience along with basic English is valuable. Actors can be from anywhere in Europe, but must be located within Berlin. This is a no-budget project, but you get to work with a great team that works on major international projects. We need 3 actors: Male Actor: A handsome male actor, 30 to 40yrs old, well dressed, but casual. Female Actor: A pretty female actor, 20 to 30yrs old, well dressed, but casual. Runner (Production Assistant): Male, late teens / early 20s. Dressed alternatively in hipster / punk attire. This is a Cinéma vérité / Pseudo-Documentary type of film shot handheld on the Red Epic. Please send headshot / resume to

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