Casting Notice

GERMANY: English speakers for podcasts

Do you have a compelling, memorable and intriguing voice, and want to become involved in an archive of the human experience? We’re looking for volunteers with semi-flexible schedules who can volunteer 1-2 hours every week or so to do readings, since we plan on releasing podcasts every week. You must speak English fluently, and have experience in reading out loud in English. You must be open-minded, creative, and excited about working on a new project with fresh horizons. Somewhere, in an undisclosed former factory building in Berlin, a group of journalists, editors, and illustrators are building what we hope will be a diverse collection of human experiences. Sensa Nostra ( is a passion project, run entirely by volunteers and we’re looking to expand our team. Scavenging the globe, we’re on the lookout for voice actors to read articles for our podcast series. We are manic, dreamers, lovers, hard-core rationalists, impossibly idealistic, omnisexual, international, desperate for a thrill, thirsty for knowledge, high on life, and everything more and in between. But most of all, we are passionate about the beauty of human experiences in all colours, flavours, shapes, and sizes. Forget what society labels as “normal”, ditch the conventional, and expose the multitude of realities around us. After all, nothing is what it seems and everyone has a story to tell and is hiding some secret or another. If you’re interested, go ahead and email us at To read some of our articles click here: And go to our Soundcloud account to hear some of our past podcasts: Please note that Sensa Nostra is a non-profit passion project run by volunteers and that at the moment we are unable to pay our contributors. However, if you’ve contributed to several podcasts, we’d be more than happy to write you a reference letter. You are also more than welcome to use our office space in Neukölln to work on pieces (if you ever come to Berlin)!

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