Casting Notice

GERMANY: Eng spkng actors for short

For a short film about love and sex in Berlin

Shooting Dates : End august: September.
Shooting Days:10-12

Casting Call: Mid July

Logline: A love triangle about three young people living in Berlin who make discoveries about love, sex, and vanity in the lust for life. We are looking to cast for three roles. The two women are German mother-tongue roles, and the man should be proficient in English of English mother tongue Robert: (18-30): Clever, witty, and mischievous. Slim, intellectual. Robert moved to Berlin, like so many others, simply to get away from the obligations of life, and to devote himself to his art. He might have gotten a wee bit lost in the Berlin party though. Principally, you should funny and good at charming people through laughter. Daphna: (20-30): unapologetic and lustful predator who consumes her lovers. She is an actress, and in this stage of her life, is seeking every experience possible so that she has the experience necessary to fulfill her ambitions, and nourish her acting. Ambitious and vain. But also devoted and fragile. Ewa: (20-30): Soft passive and sensual. Ewa is Daphna’s best friend. She seems to have little ambition, but has a great deal of sensuality and also luck. As opposed to either Daphna or Robert, both of whom are somewhat tortured by life, she really knows how to live in the moment. She is a quiet type of person who often willingly takes a more passive role, and is often underestimated by others, which is also part of her strategy.

The screenplay is half in English and half in German.

This casting is now closed.

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